Generic Thai restaurant – Busaba Eathai

Working in Soho gives me a great selection of eateries. Yesterday, we were looking for a Thai restaurant. We had smelt some wonderful flavours earlier in the week, so we went to hunt them down.

Unfortunately, the place we had fancied, was full…. so we took a walk to find somewhere else. Busaba Eathai was where we ended up. It was second choice and I felt the food was second rate. The restaurant itself is situated on Wardour Street and has large square, sharing tables so you are likely to sit with lots of other people. I quite like this. Yesterday though, we had the whole table to ourselves. It wasn’t too busy, which made service pretty sharp. Busaba have 16 locations across London, Manchester, Liverpool and St Albans.

On arrival the chap at the door smiled and welcomed us and sat us down. We had to ask for the lunch ‘express‘ menu which I had assumed would have been a given as it was lunch time and it is advertised on the A-board out front. This lunch is served between 12-4pm Mon-Fri. Perfect for local businesses.

I ordered Green curry grilled chicken breast with curry sauce and green curry fried rice. My friend ordered the Bang Kapi Katsu curry. With the lunch, you get a free Jasmine tea. Nice touch! I do enjoy Jasmine tea and the health benefits come from the scent itself, giving a sense of calm and well-being. Cute.

The food didn’t look amazing. In fact, the first meal they brought me, was incorrect! They did rectify immediately though, which was good. I wasn’t waiting too long. There was enough time for my friend to try and take a fab photo to enter the competition they have running at the moment. Free a meal a day for a month with the #BangkokFresh. Though I’m not sure I would want one every day now.

Once my meal had been correctly served, I thought it looked OK. The ratio of rice to chicken was a little plus sided on the rice. The rice was stodgy and not fried and there was way too much to handle for that dish. The chicken was sufficient and quite tasty. The green curry sauce lacked flavour and was bland at best. The meal filled me up and the price wasn’t too shabby – £9.95 for the meal and Jasmine tea.

Having visited Thailand for four months and falling in love with the food and the people, this place is not a place to reminisce. It is definitely a place to go for quick service, reasonable prices and average food.

Have you been here? #iwozere

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