Lovely little tapas dishes must be tried!


Pix Pinxtos what an absolute delight.

“Pinxtos (pronounced peen-chos, meaning ‘thorn’ or ‘spike) are a kind of Basuqe-country bar snack, held together by a skewer and served in a shot glas, ramekin dish or on a crusty bread”

Lunch time treat indeed. Nestled between bustling foodie places on Ganton Street, a side street from Carnaby Street, is a tapas bar filled with yumminess.

A small venue with outdoor seating and little side booths inside for two, or high stool tables for groups. They even have a private dining area for six. This place, must be tried!

On arrival, you will be met with a feast for firstly, your eyes…….

wanted all of it

This is set up as a buffet style, help yourself service. So no ordering required, no having to choose which bits and pieces you fancy. It’s all laid out ready for you.

The lunch time deal….get this…… £15 per person, for UNLIMITED tapas for 60 minutes. They bring out tray after tray of gorgeous food. They bring your plate once seated and then off you go.

As a group, the table was a little cosy, but defintely not an issue. A bottle of cava was a perfect partner for this lovely food.

I wanted all of the food and I have to commend myself for not going crazy, though the temptation is there. They suggest ‘2-3 make the perfect appetiser and 5-6 an eclectic main course’. I would say, these are spot on. I had 5ish (as we were sharing)


The staff were on form. They welcomed us, were super helpful, they explained the menu and as they weren’t that busy when we arrived, they brought fresh platters of new tapas directly to our table. Everything is cooked fresh and brought out as soon as its made, ready to be displayed to the hungry. We had olives, serrano ham & bechemal croquetas (which I would highly recommend) patatas bravas, diablo meatballs and boquerones (marinated anchovies) to name a few. The menu is excellent and it is worth giving yourself some time to have a taste of all of what they have to offer. It’s also a great idea as you can see before you take it, so no chance of food envy.

As we were on a working lunch break, we missed some real sexy looking tapas desserts when we left i.e churros with chocolate mousse!  This was a sad moment for me. But I will be venturing back here, without a doubt.

Sexy churros with chocolate mousse

The music was relaxed and the room was dimly lit. I’m grateful it wasn’t super busy at this point as we got to enjoy getting up to get more tapas without disturbing anyone else and there was plenty of choice and plenty to go round.

If you love tapas and you’re in Soho, get yourself down here. Or if this isn’t enough to entice you already, they have sites in Covent Garden and Notting Hill. Oh, I should also  maybe mention their Infinity Sundays. £33* per person for all the pinxtos you can eat PLUS unlimited Cava, for 90 minutes duration. From 1pm until 10pm.

#iwozere will you be too?

Pix bull

  • 12.5% optional service charge. Conditions of conduct apply (check website)


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