Lollipop Stick Dates

I love to try new places. I try not to visit the same place twice. Are you the same?

I have managed to incorporate this into my relationship. We obviously love spending time together and as I like to try new things, I came up with this idea:

Lollipop Stick Dates

I bought some lollipop sticks which are different colours, and we each wrote on them, places we would like to visit, restaurants we would like to dine at, city’s we want to go to. Etc, etc.

Each time we have a free weekend day, or even an evening, we take it in turns to pull out a lollipop stick.

This way, we are always doing something new, something ONE of us definitely wants to do and we will always have a colourful lollipop stick with a memory on it and it’s always a surprise. Always feels spontaneous, which I love.

I could have been more creative…….
Yellow – Food places
Blue – Cities
Green – Culture

and so on…..but I guess, once we have done all of the dates in here so far, we can use that next time!

What do you think? Do you do something similar?lollipop stick.JPG

29 thoughts on “Lollipop Stick Dates

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  1. Hi,
    I like your tips. My husband and I tried something like this with television programs but it only lasted a few months.
    I met you at Jason’s blog party. I came to meet and greet you. Maybe you can check out my blog. I blog over at
    I offer blogging tips. I also host six blog parties each month where you can meet new readers for your blog.

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  2. What a great idea! Would work well when meeting up with friends too. A brilliant way of doing something both of you want to eventually, without having those long conversations of what shall we do, oh I don’t know, you choose!

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