Nevis Bungy Jump – Biggest thrill of my life!

I guess this is the part of the trip that you don’t tell family and friends about until AFTER you have done it!

We had planned this part fairly early on in the ‘year out planning’ stages.

I have a fear of heights and I have no idea how I managed to do it, but I bloody did it!

AJ Hackett was about to become a part of my travelling CV.

We woke up early and were both very scared.
Thoughts going through my head – Why! Why are we doing this? What are we thinking? Turn back NOW. Turn around!! Stop it right now! This is ridiculous. Lots of swearing.

Pre jump nerves!!!!.jpg

Both fairly quiet along the way and just following instructions.
Get in this bus
Sit here
Fill in this form
Stand here
You’re in this group….
Get weighed

“Hey guys, how are we today?”
So bloody chirpy, these instructors!
I’m shitting it mate, thanks for asking.

We were put into small groups to get into this tiny cable car, which would take us out to the suspended platform, from where we would throw ourselves over the valley, because we wanted to.
Honestly, I think I was crazy. I was mad, for that moment. I was a crazy person.
Cable carSuch a long way down.

This cable car journey was almost as scary. I could see through the bottom of the car and there were only 4 of us in there.
This cable car would take us out to our jumping platform.

The Nevis Bungy dangles above a beautiful valley. The bungy itself is 134 metres high and the platform you stand on before you jump is no bigger than a 2x2ft square.

Once across the cable car ‘taxi’, you line up, get stamped with your turn number and you watch others, before doing it yourself.

My travelling buddy and I had agreed that she would jump first on the bungy and I would jump first when we did the skydive. This meant, I had to watch her go through it first. That was tough. Her little face was the most terrified I have ever seen anyone be. EVER!

I’m fairly sure, if she hadn’t got up to the jumping platform, she would have turned away. But she was glad once she had. Her scream was a joyous scream and she giggled all the way back up. Well done!!! She did a great job!

My turn.

Sitting in the chair, having my feet strapped into my, what I can only describe as, neon raving ankle warmers, the guy told me to smile into the camera – I pulled a face. This wasn’t a time for smiling.
He stood me up (feet strapped together) I waddled over to the tiny platform. MUSE were playing out of the speakers……….

What the hell am I doing?!

I stood and held onto his arm. I didn’t want to let go. It really was a long way down.
This was it………….
Arms out to my side, he counted me down….
I jumped!

The whole jump was a blur. It lasted along time but also went very quickly. The freefall was a fantastic feeling. I squealed and laughed my way down until the first re-coil. I thought it would be more jolty, but it wasn’t bad at all. The second bounce wasn’t as fun as my initial jump, but it was an incredible feeling that I never want to forget.

You’re only task (after finding the courage to actually jump) is to reach up to your feet and pull the toggle which will pull you back up right. This prevents you coming back up and all the blood rushing to your head. Which I did witness another girl do, after me!

As my rope was being pulled up, I was in my sitting position, dangling my feet and chuckling to my proud self.

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Have you been here? What did you think?


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