I’m definitely of the bitter kind!

With the pairing of cocktails and food becoming more and more popular alongside being a vodka fan and an even bigger fan of breakfast food, this invite was not one to miss.
Grey Goose were taking over the upstairs in Mayfair’s trendy Carousel and creating cocktails to entice all the senses, to help us decide what our food and drink flavours are.
Le Grand Fizz Brunch Club

What’s your flavour?

Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Umami

TOP TIP: Don’t be afraid to try everything

On arrival, walking into the room, you first notice the living wall. Insta central!
Two long tables with gorgeous hydrangea, foliage and Grey Goose embossed napkins. We were handed a starter cocktail, obviously vodka based, of the Grey Goose variety.

The atmosphere was inquisitive and a people began to filter in. I took a wander around the stations and looked at the cocktail station as it stood colourfully along the far side of the room.

We took our seats and sipped our cocktails. The menu at the place settings listed the canapes that would be brought out. As the first were handed out, the speakers Dan Berger, Head of Bars at The Ned and well-known food blogger, Anna Barnett introduced themselves and informed us that the canapes, cocktails and brunch would be centered around the senses. Each canape, cocktail and food station representing one of Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Umami.

I was disappointed to not have tried or even seen the canape for bitter. Especially as bitter was my favourite of the cocktails and my favourite of the food stations.


We were encouraged to drink as much as we could and eat as much as we could. Often a challenge I would gladly accept.

It was a great concept. I really enjoyed trying the canapes, trying the cocktails and actually distinguishing between the flavours and senses. It’s quite a nice fact to have about myself to know that I am bitter. Ha!

The cocktails.
The only one I didn’t try, was the Umami, but I have a dislike for anything cherry ‘flavoured’. I know I suggest trying everything, but I simply cannot stomach cherry ‘flavour. I love cherries, but not fake cherries.

The sad point for the cocktails though, was that the ice that  had laced each of the dispensers obviously melted over time and so the cocktails became diluted. So 2 hours of ‘drink and eat as much as you can’ didn’t really do it for me, on the drinks side. I think the first gave the real punch and flavour and then slowly, they all became water.

I managed to try the ‘bitter’ and ‘sour’ with time to actually taste what they had to offer, before my repeat ‘bitter’ cocktails were more water than flavour.

For the brunch part of the session, we were each given our naked French Toast and encouraged to visit each of the food stations around the room, to ‘pimp’ our toast. Each stand held its own sense again, each with a recommendation as well.
It was really fun and there wasn’t any I didn’t try.
My fave was the Umami station where I got to try something I have never had before……Pistachio Pesto. I should’ve smothered my whole toast with this. It was a dream!

I felt suitably full and all my senses had been hit with new explosions of flavour. The lovely staff offered more toast, but there was absolutely no room left for me.


All in all, I really enjoyed myself. The decor was beautiful, the explanations were great and my overall experience, was an enjoyable one.

Would I recommend it? Yes
Was it worth it? Well, it was an invitation…..but Yes, I enjoyed it

TOP TIP: Try the cocktails earlier, when they’re less diluted

Thank you Grey Goose UK and Dan and Anna.

Have you been here?


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