The Honor Oak

As the name would suggest, this bar is not in Honor Oak. It is on the road TO Honor Oak, but it firmly lies in Forest Hill and I am also lucky enough for this also to be a local. We like The Honor Oak.

Now, this bar has changed in the last few years. It has undergone new management, but kept its old clientele and now, I’m happy to say, it has had a beautiful refurb and has really upgraded its customers.

They have a large bar area, plenty of seating, they have a lovely beer garden, complete with astro turf and heated booths!! They also have a traffic light and in their words ‘why the hell not?’

Beer Garden - astroturf

I’m particularly impressed with the living wall. I would love to have one of my own, but my landlord and flat, just wouldn’t like it. So this is a great excuse to visit this local!

living wallThey have also upped their game with entertainment. They had a saxophonist playing on Sunday last week, in the beer garden. What a treat! They have weekly quiz night, DJs on the weekend, comedy nights still happen on a Tuesday and they also have, my fave, Bingo Bottomless brunch. I mean, Bingo AND brunch – what’s not to love?!

My only tiny issue, is they have stated their Sunday menu has had a vajazzle. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s possible and I think they might need to rethink that!

I think this bar has reasonable prices, the drinks on offer are good. They offer craft beers regularly and I know this is a new craze but I just can’t get into it. happy with my lager or Prosecco.

The staff can be on and off. Can be great, can also be ‘not bothered’. I guess everyone can have ‘off’ days. But, I do like the beer garden and I do love the new look. Well done Honor Oak.

Ultimately, Food = Gooooood, Drink = Goooood, Beer Garden = Goooood
I can recommend the burger!

Thumbs up from me, I will be frequenting more 🙂


Have you been to The Honor Oak? What do you think of the changes?


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  1. This looks like a cool place to hang out at, especially with all the event nights! I love a pub with a good beer garden, there isn’t enough where I live in Devon! xoxo

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