Mother Mash – good ‘ol British food

I will make any excuse to visit this place.

It’s one of my favourite jaunts in Soho and the reasons why are simple.

Hidden away down Ganton Street, just off the famous Carnaby Street, you will find this little gem. Take a seat in the cosy restaurant and you will be handed their super easy menu. I must mention there are also seats outside.

As you can see on the menu, you can pick your delicious ‘great British food’ in 3 simple steps.

1 – Choose a freshly-made flavoured mash
2 – Choose an organic sausage or gourmet pie (you will receive 2 sausages)
3 – Choose a gravy

FUN FACT – all the potatoes are locally sourced!

Your meal, will cost you less than a tenner. Β£9.25 for sausage and mash or Β£9.95 for pie and mash. There are also optional sides, but on this occasion, we just went for a hearty mash and main each. Considering where this is, this price is excellent!

They may not look a lot, but they taste delicious and they’re super filling. Vegetarian options are also available!

It’s a very chilled atmosphere in there. I’ve never not been able to get a seat, but there are always customers.

The staff are always smiley and the food is prepared quickly. You’ll be in and out and suitably stuffed.

If you want a hearty, traditional British meal, then get yourselves to Mother Mash. Open 7 days a week. 08:30 breakfast right through until 10pm. They also, halleluja, do deliveries!

Have you been to Mother Mash already? What did you think? Have I enticed you?


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