It’s a big blogging world, help me get inside it :)

Hello all! How you doing?

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support so far, it really means a great deal to me.
When I have a (1) pop up in my email, or a notification from wordpress/twitter/insta/FaceBook, it makes me smile. So thank you 🙂

I’ve been blogging now for a couple of months and I have a few thoughts and couple of asks from you.

I am part of a few interative blogging groups and have also left a few. Some are helpful, some not so much. Are you in any good groups?

One of my favourite groups, is ‘Blogs in Bloom’ on FaceBook, run by the very lovely and excellent Emma (you can find her blog over at The Emma Edit). This is the most supportive group I am in. They help to encourage me and we all support each other.

My struggle is reaching out and having my content seen by people further than my friends and family. I need your help please.

I recently left a group as I had put up a ‘small win’ for me as someone had gone through my posts and tagged #iwozere on a few of my pics. I had multiple responses saying I should repoert it as it’s spam. I continued to tell them that they do not know my blog and they should not say anything at all if they had nothing nice to say. It was still a win for me and they still argued they did not agree. Mainly I think SCREW YOU! But, it upset me a little. Then I thought – hey, what do they know?! So, I move on!

The whole point of this blog is to tag #iwozere on your posts so I can see where you have been and for you to tag #iwozere on mine, to show you have been to the same places as me. It’s simple and it’s interactive and it means we can converse and share ideas and tips.

My main point to this post is to thank those who HAVE been supportive and to ask, if you like my content so far, please share it.

They say the internet is a powerful thing, and if you all were kind enough to share my content or invite your friends to my FB page and even had 1 each who accepted or see any of my content, it would be incredible and I would be forever grateful!
Show me how powerful the internet it can be!

Come follow me and share your #iwozere with your friends and family, help me get my content seen 🙂

Twitter – @iiwozere
Instagram – @iiwozere
Facebook – I Woz Ere – BLOG

I am happy with what I have achieved so far and I will continue to learn and to develop.

Have you had troubles since you started your blog? What wins have you had so far? Are you enjoying I Woz Ere, so far?




21 thoughts on “It’s a big blogging world, help me get inside it :)

Add yours

  1. I understand the struggle of getting your blog out there. I’ve been blogging just over a year and only recently started getting involved in the blogging community. This has helped but it’s still very slow. I find it particularly hard to find consistent readers that keep coming back.
    You’re doing great though, I love reading!

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  2. I found it tough to get new readers for a while. I think the main thing is to keep posting consistently. They also say you should phrase your post titles as questions people might Google. I do that sometimes, but other times I prefer the ones I’ve come up with 😊.

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  3. I don’t have too many tips as I’m still new to this myself only blogging for a few months. I’ve played with upload times and found posts uploaded around 7-10 pm get more love than early morning or 2am posts as more folk are active globally around then. I don know if this is something that might help? Emma has been a champion helping us all out with her page and everyone I’ve met through her has been amazing. Keep up the good work xo

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  4. Yay, congratulations. It’s always good to celebrate your wins no matter how small (and no matter what anyone else says). There are some people that will always want to put you down but there’s also so many people there to support you and your blog. Best of luck with everything, don’t really have any tips just try and stay positive and celebrate all little victories x

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  5. You’re blog is so good and anyone who doesnt like it doesn’t have to read it! For me and many others, your blog is very interesting and I love to read your posts! Congratulations too, it is always great to celebrate your wins! Keep going lovely, you’re doing amazing!

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  6. I’m a part of Emma’s group as well, and love it! The blogging world can be difficult at first. My best tip is to reach out personally to people, and start collaborating/talking/guest posting etc. Build real, personal, indiviudal connections, make friends, and it’ll take off!

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  7. I’m still at the stage of finding enough readers for my blog. As the days go by I get less readers. For instance yesterday I had 5 views. Just 5. But I won’t give up. I will keep pushing hard cause It’s not meant to be easy. Goodluck with your blog!

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