The Signal – Forest Hill

‘Best Meeting Point’ this is what The Signal has been given by me, in my ‘Best of’ series.

It is directly opposite the Forest Hill station and a perfect meet point for visitors and locals alike.

This pub is great for drinking and socialising. They hold alot of entertainment, like the comedy nights and drag nights. Loadsa fun. This bar usually comes to life on an evening. Day times can be quiet with little atmosphere, but evenings, they are the time to pop in!

I visit The Signal quite often, due to it’s reasonbly priced drinks and their incredible Scotch Eggs…… Yum! I love a good bar snack to go with my pint 🙂
They have also jumped on the bottomless brunch bandwagon and it’s priced at a pretty decent £25. Also for 3 hours, like Honor Oak. However, there isn’t bottomless toast and tea/coffee and definitely not bingo. That’s my prefernce if I were to choose, but the food at The Signal is good and 3 hours of bottomless booze can be an excellent lure!

Christmas is fun at The Signal. They really know how to have a community spirit. We were singing around the piano last year. I can’t remember last time I sang so many carols. Maybe it was in primary school?!

The staff tend to be fairly smiley and welcoming. I have noticed many different members of staff though, so turnaround is quite frequent. So long as they can serve quickly and not in a grump, suppose it doesn’t matter how many there are.

They have some cozy sofas by a fire, a real treat if you can bagsy one of those during your visit.
The ‘food’ section is fairly compact but you can eat anywhere in the venue. They serve typical pub food and have their own spin on a Sunday Roast. They also do not do lamb, but this is my personal peeve. The food here is good!
There is a beer garden, part covered and part open. It’s not massive but they do have one, so another lure, especially when the sun  is out.

It’s not my favourite bar in Forest Hill, but definietly one I would go to. They tend to put on events alot, which are great for locals to come down to. It is worth a visit.

I will no doubt be in here again this Christmas to join in the singing with everyone else. See you there?

Have you been to The Signal?



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