Coming to a town or city near you…

This was the tag line of my adventures PRE travelling the world.

I guess I’ve always had the urge to go somewhere and do something, see something…. meet new people. I like to be spontaneous, I like to try things out, and get out of the daily routine that can so easily be sucked into. I also loved my car and loved to drive to new places. Living in Yorkshire, I had fabulous scenery and not very far to travel, but I wanted to see more.

I remember having a chat with a colleague years ago and she had told me of something a friend of hers was doing, this idea then evolved into my own version.

I decided to travel the UK on weekend trips, to new places. You don’t really get to travel your own country, right? The UK, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that big…..but I think its big enough to hold hidden gems, exciting cities, gorgeous landscapes, small villages, local pubs (I love local pubs, wrote a blog about my current locals) new people and mostly, new adventures!

To make this more of a challenge, because I love a challenge, I would use the alphabet to help create my ‘order’ of places.

The Rules*

  • You must have never been to this place before
  • Use the alphabet as your guide. Each new town,city,village must start with the next letter of the alphabet
  • You must see it for what it is
  • Have some fun
  • Take a photo of you and a sign with the name of the place you have visited

I shared my plan on Facebook and I asked if anyone wanted to join in. I had a lots of interest and ended up with different groups/buddys for each letter. It proved to be loads of fun and quite popular. We’d also make lots of new friends on the trips. We also shared our alphabet experiences with them. I often wonder if they ever did it as well?

I guess somehow, this is where my Lollipop stick dates has stemmed from….

So my trips began and my first (and second in the same weekend) happened…my new adventures had begun. This is how they went

A – Alnwick
B – Bamburgh
C – Chester
D – Derby
E – Edinburgh
F – Filey -stayed in a caravan
G – Glasgow
H – Hawkshead (stayed in a tipi!)
I – Ingoldmells (sadly, my cat passed away the weekend this trip was supposed to happen and some very lovely friends of mine went on my behalf! Absolute loves!)
J – Jedburgh – camping!
K – Kelso
L – Loughborough (Sadly, I didn’t get a photo!) Rule breaker….maybe do one again

That is as far as I got. 2010 was an eventful and alphabet filled year. I had loads of fun.

Almost halfway through and I got the real itch for my travels.

I spoke to STA and another friend who wanted to travel and our 1 year, world trip was booked and planned for 1st May the following year.

Perhaps it’s time to start my letters again.

I have some friends in Milton Keynes who joined me on my letter J…….I did say I would go!

Do you have any suggestions for the rest of my alphabet?
What do you think to this idea? Have you visited any of these places?


* These rules were created by me, they are not 100% down, you can freely create your own


25 thoughts on “Coming to a town or city near you…

Add yours

  1. You haven’t done letter N yet…. Norwich! I have some great recommendations on my blog 😉
    Anyways, that’s a great way to decide on which places to visit, and explore somewhere new.
    Norwich is only a train ride away!!

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    1. Once I get my ass into gear and get onto M, Norwich would be a good N as I have never been before and I can certainly check out your recommendations or come to the lady herself for tips 😜 thanks Gemma! X


  2. That’s a great idea. When I was a child, my grandparents and I used to go camping and we had a big map to track how many counties we’d visited. The idea with the alphabet is great because it makes you think of places that might otherwise have been overlooked.

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  3. I love this idea! This could not be any more up my street if you were in my yard! I know we have discussed our travels a bit, so you know I love to travel too, so I may well borrow this idea. My husband and I made a decision at the start of the year to explore more of England. We have a beautiful country dont we. I would recommend Sussex as your S (lots of history there) you have done E so Essex is out, Oxford is nice for your O . I look forward to reading more about your adventures xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t need to borrow! You and your husband will have a great time. We could do a letter together, even?!!
      It’s really fun. Great to see more of our country, it is, as you say, very beautiful indeed 🙂 xx

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      1. I love a good knees up! The way I did it previously, was to find a weekend, find the peeps who wanted to join in and then find a place beginning with the next letter.
        So, my next letter is M. I need to find a time to do it and then pick the place. Milton Keynes….. figure what to do when we get there, unless there is something significant to see or do. Thanks luv 🙂

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  4. This is the coolest idea. I might have to try it. Though it might not be as fun since I live in the US and its too big to just go somewhere very new that is a cheap travel distance (travel is incredibly expensive here). Either way I’m going to have to see if I can make this happen and make it interesting. Great post and great idea.

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    1. When I get to N perhaps you could both join me 🙂 you’d actually be surprised of the options for all the letters. If I remember rightly, there was only one letter without a place to go…..
      I’ll let you know 🙂


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