Is Travelling for you? Quiz

If you can answer YES to all of these questions……… then what are you waiting for??? Go see the woooooooooorld!!

  1. Do you crave excitement?
  2. Do you envy your pals who have been travelling?
  3. Do you enjoy adventure?
  4. Do you love trying new food?
  5. Do you love meeting new people?
  6. Are you good at saving money for something you really want?
  7. Are you willing to work (if needs be) whilst away?
    PS I didn’t….for a whole year!
  8. Do you love making memories?
  9. Does having no schedule appeal to you?
  10. Does experiencing new things appeal to you?

Travelling changed my life – This is my excited face before and after being around the world for a year! Think I changed alot from day 1 to day 366…the confidence!!!

Have you just answered YES to all of these???

Then travelling is right up your street! It’s that simple.

Go pick your countries add some you didnt know about, speak to the travel booker and plan, book your date and off you go!!

You will not regret it!

You’re welcome 😉


9 thoughts on “Is Travelling for you? Quiz

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      1. Thank you so much! I don’t know anyone who has actually executed a plan of this kind. With the savings I have, I know it won’t be very soon. But I might really need some advice when it actually happens.😊

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