Travelling Bucket List – by Me

I’ve been fairly lucky to have travelled as much as I have, but in the world of travellers, it’s really not very far at all!

Where I Woz

This map is courtesy of

8.8% is really not alot at all. It took me a whole year to make most of that up! I wish i could find the time.

So, along with my Lollipop Stick Dates to keep me occupied and my Alphabet travel . In the meantime, I can fantasise and continue my bucket list. So here goes….

Transiberian Express
I wanted to tag this onto my world trip, but the cold weather clothes would be too much to carry through the rest of my plans.
However, I was a novie then and now know, that I coluld have shipped all my ‘cold weather’ clothing back to the UK via boat. A tip I learned whilst travelling, (also on my Top Tips for travelling blog)
Transiberian Express runs from Moscow to Beijing. The scenery is incredible. I imagine drinking shots of vodka with the Russians and watching the gorgeous snowy mountains as we pass through all the exciting places. It’s also hop on hop off, so you can see as much or as little as you would like. 100% need a decent camera and a spare couple of weeks to get the most out of it!

You will have seen my blog incorporates food as well as travel. Indian food is right up there on my faves.
I don’t want to go just for the food though, I want to visit to see the colourful culture and dance with the locals. I imagine it to be a noisey place, bustling with vibrant colours and lots and lots of people. I have had many many recommendations for India, so I think I would need a month, at the very least!

South America
Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Argentina to name a few. Another huge area that I would love to explore. Always heard great stories from fellow travellers who have visited South America. I want to see the salt flats, visit the Galapagos Islands, mingle with the diversity, see the Amazon rainforest, walk the glaciers… many, many reasons. In an ideal world, I would take 3 months for this!


I ventured to Italy with school when I played in a band. (I was a clarinet player in our woodwind orchestra!) We went to Tuscany. I was 15 years old. Sadly, I couldnt venture too far, so being so close and so unaware of what was just around the corner……. I must go back.
I like the laid back feel of Italy and I have only ever heard great things about Florence. I fantasise about driving from Florence to my next place on my list. The idea of sitting outside a cafe, on an open square with cobbled streets, watching the world go by. That’s my florence ideal. This is all before the wonderful monuments and fantastic culture that can be seen!

The closest I have been to Venice, is visitng the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!! I loved that haha so I know I will love Venice. I have been advised by others, to go when its not super busy and ideally, not when it’s really hot, as the heat will increase the smell of the canals, which detracts from the city’s beauty.
There is more to Italy than pasta and pizza. I want to see it!

This is a new one to my list. I have been following many travellers on twitter and one of them has been boasting photos and heavily pushing one of their favourite places recently. Travel Bugs World! They have inspired me and convinced me that Copenhagen is one to go to as soon as possible. I have always believed in listening to fellow travellers. That’s where you get your best tips form. Way better than any book or google search!

I want to wander and take my camera. This place is full of history and beautiful street art. It’s also one of those top places for a Christmas market.
Here’s another nifty reason I would like to go, test my own stamina…..their bars are open UNTIL THE LAST PERSON LEAVES! Amazing! that’s got to be a challenge, right?!

Bali was/is on my list too….but I have that booked in April! It will be my honeymoon, but I still get to go and we still will explore!

With reading all of my fave blogs, my bucket list is forever getting bigger. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I must find time!!! This world is too great to be missed!!

What does your bucketlist look like? Have you been to any of the places I am longing to visit? What percentage of the world have you already seen?

#iwozere and soon to be in more too 😉

11 thoughts on “Travelling Bucket List – by Me

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  1. Ohh I agree with so many of your list. I literally sat and wrote a post this morning on where we are hoping to head to next year. I have spent a bit of time in Bali, it was amazing. We stayed on Kuta Beach. We were there for about 6 weeks, so managed to see a fair bit of it. You will love it! Im beyond jealous!

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      1. We went to Ubud, I think thats where we went to a huge Temple? My memory is shocking. We also went to a Monkey Forest in Bali, but cant remember where. That was fab. When my husband wakes up I will ask him if he remembers anymore than me!

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