My Top Travel Item!

My Travel Diary!

This was my saviour whilst travelling and I have loved reading it back ever since.

In the front few pages it had squares per day on a month by month basis, over a few pages. I used these squares to write… wait for it……introducing my, how shall I call this?……..anal side???? I wrote how long we had travelled for and each town/place in the square representing that day!

The brief travel pages

Although my diary was made with day by day from Jan 1st onwards, my travels actually started on May 1st. So I just started from that day in the middle and went back to Jan 1st, when I got to Jan first (amending the actual day)

Each day, I filled in what I had been up to, how I felt and what I saw. All of my adventures are in there. I LOVE recalling the memories.

I didn’t miss a day!

In the back, there were notes pages, I wrote a list of the books I had read, the nationalities of the people I met, modes of transport I took and also a list of the hours of travel in one big addition sum. (Theres my anal side again!)
Hours travelled

On the inside page, I wrote the above!

This was written on page one…….very important info for my last day in the UK for one whole year.

I kept a list of my books here and ticked off each day over there…….. counting days I had adventured around the world.

May 15th
“took the peds out to a gorgeous waterfall, finally went to Pai canyon and treehouse. Bathed with some buffalo :0”

October 11th (Oz)
“The german girl above me got so annoyed with me and her friend snoring, that she went to sleep on the couch outside! I’m very bunged up :(‘

Jan 7th (NZ)
“Felt a 5.2 tremor last night, woke me up. I shit it and ran to another room!”

Jan 30th (NZ)
“2 pissed guys came to ask us to borrow a jack. Gave us a rum+coke and then we drove on the back of their quad bikes, we tried crayfish and pau and got drunk. So random!”

April 3rd (US)
went 2 get car. Scared 2 drive. Got map @ Walgreens. Drove 2 Hoover Dam + then onto Route 66. Saw first gift stop. Such amazing scenery. Vast + hot. Cool on a night”

Its funny reading back through New Zealand when I state what the toilet was like in each camp site ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a little round up I was able to write from the little bits and bobs I recorded along the way AND one wee paragraph I love to recall

1 year,366 days, 10 countries,ย 90 beds, 8 planes, 1 root canal, 1 spider bite, 21 mini buses, 29 coaches, 21 boats,1 ped, lost count of trains, too many tuk tuks&taxis, 9 cars, 3 sleeper buses, 6 pairs of flip flops, 13 books, 1 sleeper boat, 4 pickup trucks, 1 4×4, 1 hitched lift, a few trams, 3 camper vans, 2667 miles on Route 66, 619 hours travelledย 

So, what would your main travel item be?
Does this inspire you to travel? Are you impressed with my numbers?



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  1. Oh my god! I LOVE this post. It made me smile all the way through. As you know, I went travelling, and I wrote to my Mum almost every week for the entire two years. A proper paper letter! My mum recently dropped all the letters round to me, and I have read a couple back. Maybe I will share a couple on my blog. I also kept a diary, but, having found that recently, decided that it must NEVER see the light of day, or my kids must never see it. It was a journal wrote in my wilder days you understand……. hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear ya! Hahaha I have diaries like that too.
      Those memories are so great though. Letters would be fun to blog about. Itโ€™s good to speak to a younger you, see what they were up to and how they have got you to today. Iโ€™d read it ๐Ÿ˜ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I refuse to ever again travel without a travel journal! I took my very first one to the Galapagos, and it is the only thing that has allowed me to recall all of the little details of my trip! Without it, I would not be able to recall the majority of my trip! I have a terrible memory that forgets things shortly after they happen, so I always need to make sure I have a camera and a travel journal with me so that I can relive all of the memories! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the way you have yours set up! I will definitely be implementing some of these sections into mine!

    Liked by 1 person

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