Look who’s back…..

We've all done it. Kickstarted something and then slowly dropped it..... Well that's me. I started my blog last year and had a good start. Wrote some good stuff (in my opinion) and then trailed off toward the end of the year. I've spent the last month or so racking my brain about how I... Continue Reading →

My Top Travel Item!

Each day, I filled in what I had been up to, how I felt and what I saw. All of my adventures are in there. I LOVE recalling the memories.

Coming to a town or city near you…

I guess I've always had the urge to go somewhere and do something, see something.... meet new people. I like to be spontaneous, I like to try things out, and get out of the daily routine that can so easily be sucked into. I also loved my car and loved to drive to new places. Living in Yorkshire, I had fabulous scenery and not very far to travel, but I wanted to see more.

Your guide to London on a budget

Are you about to visit London or is it on your bucket list? Does the cost of London frighten your bank balance a little bit? Would you like to know some hints and tips to help you do London on a budget? If your answers to the above are YES, then this is for you. Please, read on 🙂

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